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Living conditions for migrant workers was still difficult in 1940 even in Michigan as these pictures reveal

Migrant workers to Barrien, Michigan made the best of their lives under difficult living conditions in 1940. These photographs taken by photo/journalists John Vachon reveal what their lives were like. Photographs show migrant agricultural workers, and families from Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas harvesting cherries and strawberries. They lived in miserable housing in company […]


Migrant children in Michigan in 1942 – remarkable photographs tell the story of their life

We often think of California having migrant workers, however, they traveled throughout the United States.  In July of 1940, photo/journalist John Vachon took these remarkable photographs of migrant children in Berrien County, Michigan. Migrant child, Berrien County, Michigan July 1940 Migrant children, Berrien County, Michigan July 1940  Migrant child from Arkansas, Berrien County, Michigan 1940 […]


Michigan – [pictures & films] was Paul Bunyan a real character who was murdered in Bay City?

According to Author/Historian D.Laurence Rogers, Paul Bunyan may have been based on a real person in Michigan. The lumber industry in Michigan was once a booming business. The white pine was like “green gold” and many people became millionaires.  This also attracted  a rowdy, rough element which could have included a character like Paul Bunyan who […]