Eleven year old girl “They say I’m too little to work steady” – {photographs from 1911}

Tommy Bullard and his family. He has been sweeping for over a year in Washington Cotton Mills, Fries, Va. Said he was 13, but it is doubtful. Mother is a widow. Sisters in the mill too. Family came a year ago

(It was a tough life for these children in 1911 in Danville, Virginia as these pictures reveal) Schoolfield Cotton Mill in Danville, Virginia had a few underage workers in June 1911 when these photographs were taken by photographer Lewis Wickes … Read More

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Georgia once had three governors at the same time – [vintage film, pictures and story]


Three Governors of Georgia Eugene Talmadge won the Democratic primary for governor in the summer of 1946. He did not have a Republican opponent so his election as governor was secure. George Talmadge Governor of Georgia Die before inauguration? Talmadge … Read More

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Circleville Ohio – These vintage photographs of people on the street from 1938 take you back in time

two ladies on street

In the Great Depression, many Circleville, Ohio farms were foreclosed on and the farmers families were forced to move to town. The small town did their best to handle the large influx of people. Street Scenes Here are some street … Read More

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