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[Pictures of vintage store] – Coffren Store in Maryland, the only intact example of 19th century general merchandise store

The Coffren Store in Maryland is a rare example of a well-preserved, mid 19th-century general merchandise store. Small local stores of this type one-room utilitarian structures including a Post Office once commonly dotted the rural landscape of the county. Most have long since disappeared, and the few others remaining have been altered. The Coffren Store […]


Imagine what it was like surviving hurricanes when their was no warning system [film and photographs]

(Hurricane season is upon us. Imagine not having a warning system like we do today.  This film remind are a good reminder why we should pay heed to all weather warnings.) In the 1930’s, several hurricanes hit the East Coast of America causing devastating damage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4w24sRoJ7s Seven Superstorms of the Northeast: And Other Blizzards, Hurricanes & […]