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[Vintage pics] Can you imagine walking to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas with your family and all your belongings in the month of June? These people did

Can you imagine walking down a hot Texas road to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas in June 1937 with all your belongings and your family, including young children, like these people did in the photographs at the bottom?  I don’t even see any shade trees for miles. Located in the northeastern part of the county Memphis […]


Historic interview & pictures with actual Immigrants who traveled to Oregon, New Mexico and California with vintage photographs

Great Depression and Dust Bowl Between the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, families had no other course but to leave the prairie lands and  immigrant to the western states to become migrant workers. Below are vivid photographs documenting the difficulties they encountered on the road and interviews by the WPA with four men, Wayne […]


Amazing film and pics! – Ropesville, Texas residents tell about life in 1936 – was it socialism?

Ropesville is a city in Hockley County, Texas, United States. Ropesville, The Ropesville Resettlement Project began in 1934 in conjunction with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the community exists to this day. Resettled family, formerly renters. Ropesville rural community, Texas by photographer Arthur Rothstein in April 1936  Resettled farmer terracing part of […]