Cutting a log at a saw mill this way seems awful dangerous



Jesse Suttles

A note about “Saw Mills” My Granddad on my Mother’s side of the family ran a saw mill. In North East Texas. His son told me some stories about the every day life at the mill. He said that his Dad was the only one that filed (sharpened) the saw blade.sawmill
I guess he thought no one else knew how. When a log was brought into the mill. That was too large for the saw mill to handle. Granddad would put it aside for the day. And after every one had left the mill for the day. Grand Dad would take a hand drill and go down the log and drill holes into it.burkesawmill

Then he would put a 1/4 of a stick of dynamite in each hole. The fuses were of different length. He would light each fuse going down the log.

All of the sticks of dynamite would go off about the same time. That would split the log so he could handle it on his mill.

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