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Downtown Greensboro, Georgia – the checker game at the service station was popular in 1939

Greensboro is the county seat of Greene County, Georgia. Photojournalist Marion Post Wolcott took these photographs in 1939 of Greensboro, Georgia as she traveled in the area. Traveling to Greensboro, Georgia was very different in 1939. Horses on the road were … Read More

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Life was simpler in 1939 in Greene County, Georgia, [see vintage pictures] but you couldn’t find work

Greene County, Georgia suffered in the Depression years and many had difficulty finding work. Life was much simpler as seen by these pictures taken by Marion Post Wolcott in the spring of 1939. The desriptions are hers. Shoeing a mule in Greene … Read More

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What if you had to pack everything in your house and move across country in a covered wagon like this?

We have trucks, moving vans and paved roads today which makes moving from one state to another much easier. Imagine having to pack up an move all your belongings in covered wagons and on trails rather than paved roads.  The … Read More

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