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The clarity of these rare portraits of actual Native Americans from 1900 is amazing

(These portraits were obviously made for posterity. ¬†They reveal so much detail. I only wish they were in color) Portraits of Native Americans from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show Amos Two Bulls, Sioux Indian portrait, (three portraits). taken by photographer Gertrude Kasebier (1852-1934) around 1900 Chief Iron Tail, a Sioux Indian in Buffalo Bills Wild […]


Do you remember the first Shell Homes – They were much better than two room shacks [photographs]

Alabama Contributing Author, Dorothy Graham Gast, provides another interesting story about Shell Homes in Alabama. Do you remember them? SHELL HOMES by Dorothy Gast During the years after World War II, rural families in the South were still living in substandard housing. Many homes were no more than two-room shacks with lean-to areas that had […]


[vintage pictures] Can you imagine sending your eight-year old child to a cannery factory like this instead of school each morning?

These photographs below of young workers from the 1915s include names of children from New York, Mississippi and Maine who worked in the cannery industry. Canning was once an industry that hired young workers in America as seen by the following photographs. Instead of attending school, children were often forced to work by their parents […]