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Living conditions for migrant workers was still difficult in 1940 even in Michigan as these pictures reveal

Migrant workers to Barrien, Michigan made the best of their lives under difficult living conditions in 1940. These photographs taken by photo/journalists John Vachon reveal what their lives were like. Photographs show migrant agricultural workers, and families from Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas harvesting cherries and strawberries. They lived in miserable housing in company […]


[old pics & films] Fired from her second film, she later became a famous actress in the 1940s and 1950s. Do you know her name?

She began her film career at the age of twelve, with the encouragement of her mother. After the film, her mother gave her a make-over, bleached her hair platinum blonde, then she used false identification, and she got a film contract for her daughter. When the deception was discovered, a short time later, she was fired.  Do you know […]


This was a dollar well spent…see why

A Dollar Well Spent by Clifford Dobyns In the late 1930’s and during the 1940’s Saturday night meant one thing at our house in Northeast Kentucky, it was Grand Ole Opry night. Time for Mom, my brother and I to watch Dad tune in our Philco radio and listen to the country music broadcast from […]