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Oh, those television jingles – Will we ever forget them? (vintage films)

In 1939 when televisions were being produced commercially, no one could anticipate how much television would change our lives. Now rather than one large stationary television in each house, we can view television programs, movies, and other  media not even envisioned in those early days. Along with televisions, commercials appeared which allowed us to watch all […]


The commercial at the bottom [film] seems for dangerous for the actress – I wonder if she had health issues later

These television commercials from the 1950s and 60s provide a glimpse of life in those days.   Do you remember this Dinah Shore commercial? It really sold cars for Chevrolet. Commercials From The 50s, 60s, and 70s DVD And of course, what would Saturday mornings be without watching cartoons and watching all these cereal commercials. […]


Do you remember the first Shell Homes – They were much better than two room shacks [photographs]

Alabama Contributing Author, Dorothy Graham Gast, provides another interesting story about Shell Homes in Alabama. Do you remember them? SHELL HOMES by Dorothy Gast During the years after World War II, rural families in the South were still living in substandard housing. Many homes were no more than two-room shacks with lean-to areas that had […]