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Do you take your square with you when you travel?

Discover, Share, and help us Preserve our lost and forgotten stories. Become an Alabama Pioneers Patron Unlock all Alabama Pioneers stories Alabama Pioneers members see thousands of stories, biographies and nostalgic items like this everyday.  In colonial days your dinner plate was a square piece of wood with a “bowl” carved out to hold your […]

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Did you know the word Pandemonioum comes from a poem?

The word PANDEMONIUM which means wild and noisy disorder, confusion or uproar comes from a poem. It actually comes from John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost. the name of the capital city of Hell in his epic poem “Paradise Lost”. He derived the word from the Ancient Greek Pandæmonium which read as πᾶν (pan, “all”) (equivalent to English […]

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Chew the fat could have several meanings

Chew the Fat -Today this means to have a long friendly conversation with someone. This idiom has several possible sources as listed below. It is not clear which one is accurate. Discover, Share and help us Preserve our lost and forgotten stories. Become an Alabama Pioneers Patron Sailors, while of resting and conversing would chew […]

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The idiom Raise Cain comes from the Bible

The idiom: RAISE CAIN comes from the Bible Cain was the first murderer according to scriptural accounts in the Bible – Genesis 4 – The biblical account, tells of how Cain and Abel, the two sons of Adam and Eve, bring offerings to God, but only Abel’s is accepted.Cain kills Abel in anger and is […]


Double-cross originates from signing documents

The idiom DOUBLE-CROSS means to trick someone. Centuries ago, when illiteracy was common, and a person was asked to sign a document, they’d do so by inserting an “X” in place of their signature. This was legal. However, the process was often done under pressure (at gunpoint) which meant that the signing party had no […]