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Dot, Dot, Dash and other good Memories

Another personal story from Alabama Author Jean Butterworth! MEMORIES…….DOT, DOT, DASH by Jean Butterworth Remember those movies we saw during WWII in which our GIs tapped out secret messages to the commanders in Morse Code? Dot, Dot, Dash! Early childhood memories come to me suddenly. A memory pops into my mind as if in Morse […]


Hampton Place -[old photographs] where General Winfield Scott retired when there were no more worlds to conquer

*Note: The language below may be a little antiquated because they are excerpts and exact transcriptions from the book  –Transcription from Historic Houses of New Jersey By Weymer Jay Mills .J. B. Lippincott Company – written in  1902 Best loved house The house best loved by the old residents of Elizabethtown, New Jersey is the Scott House, […]