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Cyprus 2000 – Traveling during Y2K

CYPRUS 2000 by Dorothy Graham Gast In the fall of 1999, newspapers were full of speculation about Y2K. As the weeks neared January 1, 2000. It was predicted that computers would fail all over the world and everything from the electrical systems to government itself would flounder. People stockpiled foods that could last without refrigeration, […]


Do you remember the first Shell Homes – They were much better than two room shacks [photographs]

Alabama Contributing Author, Dorothy Graham Gast, provides another interesting story about Shell Homes in Alabama. Do you remember them? SHELL HOMES by Dorothy Gast During the years after World War II, rural families in the South were still living in substandard housing. Many homes were no more than two-room shacks with lean-to areas that had […]


If you pass a car with teddy bears stacked to the windows of the back seat, you can assume?

BEARS by Dorothy Graham Gast I love bears. Not the seven foot grizzlies that chase careless tourists for their picnic baskets, but the manmade fluffy varieties carried by firefighters to calm frightened children after trauma.  The kind teenagers leave on their pillows each day and the kind grandmothers rest their arthritic elbows on as they […]