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South Carolina – here are some [rare pictures] of historic buildings and the beginning of secession

After the election of President Lincoln, citizens of Charleston, South Carolina held nightly meetings to decide the possibility of secession. Great mass meeting to endorse the call of the legislature of South Carolina for a state convention to discuss the question of secession from the Union, held at Institute Hall, Charleston, S.C. on Monday, Nov. […]


This house was spared in the Civil War because of a beautiful widow’s plea

Confederate General Joseph E. Johnstone, made his headquarters in 1864-1865 in the DeBruhl-Marshall. April, 1960 FRONT (SOUTH) ELEVATION ON LAUREL STREET. – DeBruhl-Marshall House, 1401 Laurel Street, Columbia, Richland County, SC When it was vacated by Johnstone, it seemed good to General Sherman’s soldiers as fuel for their extensive conflagration and was about to be […]