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About the age of twelve I realized my happy childhood was not the experience of my father discovered quite stealthily over time.

The findings spawned my first book, Fractured Memories: A story of tolerance, integrity, and talents
published December 2014.  It is available on in paperback and kindle e-book.

Carolyn Rebholz holds a BS in secondary teacher education from Valley City State University in North Dakota and a master’s in guidance and counseling from the University of Wisconsin, with postgraduate work in psychology at Indiana University and the University of Minnesota. She went on to become an educator and academic counselor in Edina, Minnesota.

This background gave her thirty years of experience in understanding the emotional levels of adolescents and young adults. Academic counseling in the US Federal Witness Protection Program has further enhanced her interaction and observation skills in working with students who are emotionally and physically separated from their families and friends as they attempt to build new lives. These insights permeate Fractured Memories.

Rebholz wrote the introduction to the book Eating Life Cereal with a Bigger Spoon Than Most, By Spenser J. Somers.

She currently lives in The Villages, Florida.