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These innovative housing designs from 1935 would rival many ‘Green Housing’ designs today!

Greenbelt towns would rival ‘Green Projects’ today In the midst of The Great Depression, a New Deal program called the Greenbelt Town program, built a series of highly rational garden cities that would rival “Green projects” today. Only three small … Read More

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Circleville, Ohio [vintage pics] – “the other side of the tracks” – Hooverville 1938

The town of Circleville, Ohio had difficulty housing many of the farmers of foreclosed homes in town. Consequently,  a shanty towns built by homeless people sprang up on the outskirts of town and was promptly named Hooverville as were many other … Read More

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Circleville Ohio – the town that changed from a circle to a square [photographs & video]

Circleville is the county seat of Pickaway County, Ohio. Christopher Gist, was the first recorded European explorer to the area. When he arrived around 1750, he found ten families of the Delaware Indians from Pennsylvania in a settlement named Maguck. Town … Read More

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