Author: Donna R Causey

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DYK: He was taken back by the site

Did you know that “Taken back” is a nautical term. If the wind suddenly changed direction a sailing ship stopped moving forward. It was ‘taken aback’, which was a bit of a shock for the sailors.   VINEGAR OF THE FOUR THIEVES: Recipes & curious tips from the past See best-selling books by Donna R […]

Did You Know?

DYK: Bites the Dust comes from Ancient Greece

The phrase BITES THE DUST –   comes from Ancient Greece This phrase comes from a translation of the epic Ancient Greek poem the Illiad about the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. It was poetic way of describing the death of a warrior. REVIEWS: The exhilarating action & subplots keep the reader in constant […]

Did You Know?

Chip on your shoulder originates in 19th century

The idiom: Chip on your shoulder means being angry about something that happened in the past. A ‘chip’ can be defined as a piece of timber, or wood. Depending on the amount and size, timber can be quite heavy, and oftentimes people carry heavy things on their shoulders. The phrase appears to have originated with a 19th […]


Amazing film from 1956 of a the Abraham Lincoln Assassination eyewitness.

Amazing film from 1956 of an eyewitness of the Abraham Lincoln Assassination. The panelists on this show were, left to right (in order of appearance): Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, and Lucille Ball. The host was Garry Moore. Samuel Seymour was only five years old when he saw President Lincoln assassinated. A Milwaukee Sentinel […]