I remember when I got “happiness’ from a frosted glass.

This is my first time writing a memory with AI as a ghostwriter. I think AI utilized my thoughts and feelings from the event pretty well. How do they compare with yours? Contribute your thoughts in the comments below.

by Donna R Causey

and ghostwriter AI

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Donna R Causey and ghostwriter AI

Happiness from a frosted glass

On a blistering summer day, in the 1950s the sun beat down relentlessly on the pavement, making the sidewalks sizzle. Despite the heat, six-year-old Donna held her ten-year-old sister Amelia’s hand tightly as they walked down the block to the small diner in Beachwood, Birmingham, Alabama. The asphalt radiated heat, and the air shimmered with waves of warmth, but Donna was determined. She had been dreaming of a strawberry milkshake all morning.

Wave of cool air

The moment they pushed open the diner’s door, a wave of cool, refreshing air washed over them. The diner was a welcome oasis, with its black round tables arranged neatly. They made their way to one of the tables, the cold air conditioning soothing their sun-kissed skin.

A friendly waiter soon approached, his smile warm and inviting. “What can I get for you girls today?” he asked, pen and pad at the ready.

Took our order

Amelia ordered a lemonade, but Donna knew exactly what she wanted. “A strawberry milkshake, please,” she said, her voice filled with anticipation.

The waiter nodded and disappeared behind the counter. In a few minutes, he returned, carrying a glass filled with lemonade for Amelia and Donna, a metal glass with a strawberry milkshake, with an empty frosted glass. He handed Amelia the lemonade and put a paper straw in the glass. Then he placed the metal glass and frosted glass in front of Donna. He carefully poured the pink, creamy milkshake from the metal glass into the frosted glass. Cold condensation formed instantly on the outside. He then placed a straw in the glass and handed it to Donna.

Rushed down her throat

Donna took her first sip, the cool, sweet strawberry flavor rushing down her throat. It was instant happiness, pure and simple. She smiled, her eyes twinkling with delight, and took another long sip, savoring the cold, refreshing treat. Amelia smiled at her, happy to see her little sister so content.

For a moment, the scorching heat outside was forgotten, replaced by the joy of a perfectly made strawberry milkshake in a frosted glass. The diner, with its comforting chill and friendly atmosphere, had turned an unbearably hot day into a cherished memory for the two sisters.

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