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The End of the day for cotton laborers meant waiting to be paid [see pictures from 1938 Arkansas]

After a grueling day picking cotton, at the New Deal, Lake Dick Project in Arkansas, day laborers were rewarded with their pay each evening for their work. The counting and recording took time so the laborers had to wait time to receive payment. Many rested, while others stood and watched the monetary transactions as these photographs taken by Russell […]


[Great pictures] At the Lake Dick Project in Arkansas in 1938, there was always work that must be done – great pictures of people from 1938

Little remains of the Lake Dick Project from Roosevelt’s New Deal. All that is left are a few houses. The area is currently on the National Register of Historic Places. When it was active, there was considerable work for everyone as seen by the photographs taken in 1938 by Russell Lee and Dorothea Lange. Dairy […]


You don’t know anything about how many people are living in trailers, till you ‘hit’ Florida”

Many people traveled to California from all over the country in the 1930’s seeking work due to the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.  They traveled in many vehicles, by trains, trucks, cars and many were homemade trailers. Some even walked. Dorothea Lange, photograher captured many of these various modes of transportation. The song, A Traveler’s […]