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The Klickitat, Yakima, and Umtilla Native Americans – beautiful photographs taken in early 1900s

“Our faith and our friendships are not shattered by one big act but by many small neglects.’ J. Gustave White Edward Sheriff Curtis (February 16, 1868 – October 19, 1952) was an American ethnologist and photographer of the American West … Read More

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See beautiful Nez Percé Native American portraits by photographer Edward S. Curtis taken ca. 1903 with films

The Nez Percé are an American Indian tribe who live in the Pacific Northwest region (Columbia River Plateau) of the United States. The Nez Perce territory at the time of Lewis and Clark (1804-1806) was approximately 17,000,000 acres. It covered … Read More

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Imagine your child of 10-12 working in a factory like this – [photographs from 1900s]

During the early 1900’s, child labor was a major problem across the United States. Instead of attending school, many underage children worked to supplement family income. Even though child labor had been condemned in America since the early 1800’s, it … Read More

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