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{vintage pics & film}The orphan trains of the early 20th century had hopes of giving children a better life

Do you know anyone who had this experience? From the 1850’s to the 1930’s, more than 250,000 orphans from New York City and Boston were sent westward. The train made many stops along the way as married couples picked out … Read More

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Miraculous story of survival in a tornado

A Night I Can’t Remember by Joyce Ray Wheeler A cyclone is a low-pressure area in the atmosphere in which winds spiral inward. All cyclones have two characteristics. The atmospheric pressure is lowest at the center. The winds spiral inward at the center. (Why in the … Read More

About Joyce Ray Wheeler

Joyce Ray Wheeler was born in Kentucky, but after marriage and two sons she and her husband, Dr. Ruric Wheeler she moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1953. She was a former school teacher for a short while.  She was active in the Faculty Wives Club at Samford University and a member of Shades Mountain Baptist Church where she taught Sunday School classes for women for many years. She enjoyed travel, her grandchildren and writing her memories. Joyce passed away November 2, 2012. Her obituary and memorial can be seen at: http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Joyce-Wheeler&lc=4394&pid=160800084&mid=5294496

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