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A NEW DEAL PROJECT IN ARKANSAS 1938 -Striking 1938 close-up photographs] of some of the farmers of Lake Dick, Arkansas

  The Lake Dick Cooperative Association in Arkansas was a New Deal Project. It consisted of the heads of each resident household, with each member holding one share of stock. This Association controlled all commercial and agricultural activities at Lake Dick. As a benevolent cooperative, the Association leased the entire 3,453 acre farm from the […]


Circleville, Ohio – Displaced Farmers in 1938 had to live in shanty towns called Hoovervilles [vintage photographs]

As farms were foreclosed on during the Great Depression, many farmers around the town of Circleville found themselves having to live in the shanty town of  Hooverville as well. See larger image Additional Images: Vinegar of the Four Thieves: Recipes & Curious Tips from the Past (Paperback) By (author):  Causey, Donna R List Price: $12.77 […]


[Vintage pics] Can you imagine walking to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas with your family and all your belongings in the month of June? These people did

Can you imagine walking down a hot Texas road to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas in June 1937 with all your belongings and your family, including young children, like these people did in the photographs at the bottom?  I don’t even see any shade trees for miles. Located in the northeastern part of the county Memphis […]