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[1930s photos & story] Lake Dick, Arkansas represents the most socialistically oriented of the many cooperative farms

Click here to see more stunning photographs of the Lake Dick project in Arkansas. Lake Dick, Arkansas represents a unique experience in American agricultural history because it is one of a small number of communal farms established and operated by … Read More

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[Great pictures] At the Lake Dick Project in Arkansas in 1938, there was always work that must be done – great pictures of people from 1938

Little remains of the Lake Dick Project from Roosevelt’s New Deal. All that is left are a few houses. The area is currently on the National Register of Historic Places. When it was active, there was considerable work for everyone … Read More

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What if you had to pack everything in your house and move across country in a covered wagon like this?

We have trucks, moving vans and paved roads today which makes moving from one state to another much easier. Imagine having to pack up an move all your belongings in covered wagons and on trails rather than paved roads.  The … Read More

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