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Loans help destitute farmers in Batesville, Arkansas – [great film & 1934 photos]

After the Great Depression in America, many farm families were destitute. In April 1934, a special Rural Rehabilitation Division was established within the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, for the purpose of assisting these farm families throughout the country “to become self-supporting and independent of emergency relief aid. Loans were granted and by 1935, there were […]


[see vintage pics] W-all we all just a ‘set’; sometimes a few of ’em get up and move about to ‘tother side [cool pics from 1936]

Life was slow for these men during the Great Depression The Great Depression began in August of 1929, when the United States economy first went into an economic recession. Although the country spent two months with declining GDP, it was not until the Wall Street Crash of October, 1929 that the effects of a declining […]