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Have you ever visited the oldest house in New Jersey, the Trent House? It has a history tied to America’s founding days

The home of the man who Trenton, New Jersey is named after is still standing and many people have never visited it. The home was built in 1719 as a summer home for William Trent. He died on Christmas Day, 1724, and a legend persists that Trent was poisoned by a disgruntled slave. Strong ties to America’s History The home […]


Did you know that one vote from a postmaster in Oregon actually changed the course of a presidential election and history?

This is unbelievable but true! One vote changed the course of this presidential election and American history. The Disputed Election of 1876 The presidential election held on November 7, 1876, between Democrat Samuel J. Tilden and Union war hero, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes probably ranks as one of the closest. President Rutherford B. Hayes (1877 Library […]