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The people of Ola, Idaho rallied together during the Great Depression and built themselves a better life.

The picturesque town of Ola, Idaho was an isolated community due to impassable roads much of the winter and this created significant problems for them during the Great Depression. Ola is an unincorporated community in Gem County, Idaho, United States. It is … Read More

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The large family of William Rall in Sheridan County, Kansas were prepared for the winter in 1939 – great pics

Sheridan County, named for General Philip Sheridan, was organized by William Stevens; W. M. Rogers; W. C. Hausafus; and K. A. Ellithorpe, on June 2, 1880. Sheridan County contains the towns of Hoxie and Selden. Local legends in Sheridan County … Read More

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Here is how the hobos found a good meal in the Great Depression Days

Depression Days by Christie Seiler Boeke My mother and aunts often talked about their darkest years in the 1930’s and the many hardships they endured. They told of soup lines and men on street corners with stacks of carefully polished … Read More

About Christie Seiler Boeke

Christie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from North Georgia College and Emory University, Christie pursued her career further as a Microbiologist/Toxicologist in a contact lenses and solutions company in Atlanta as manager of Toxicology. After a long and full career, she is now retired in the Villages, Florida where she belongs to several writing groups, including the Florida Writers Association. She also enjoys genealogy, watercolor painting and her grandchildren.
Growing up in Atlanta, Christie was always interested in the history of that city. Her mother was an avid storyteller, and Christie’s historical fiction novels are based on many of the stories of her families’ rich heritage.

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[Fantastic 1938 photographs] of farmers making sorghum and haying at Lake Dick, Arkansas in 1938

These remarkable photographs taken by Russell Lee show farming equipment, techniques of haying and sorghum making in October 1938. How times have changed!   Member of Lake Dick Cooperative Association, Lake Dick Project, Arkansas Cleaning vats used in production of … Read More

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Amazing film and pics! – Ropesville, Texas residents tell about life in 1936 – was it socialism?

Ropesville is a city in Hockley County, Texas, United States. Ropesville, The Ropesville Resettlement Project began in 1934 in conjunction with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the community exists to this day. Resettled family, formerly renters. Ropesville … Read More

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