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Circleville, Ohio [vintage pics] – “the other side of the tracks” – Hooverville 1938

The town of Circleville, Ohio had difficulty housing many of the farmers of foreclosed homes in town. Consequently,  a shanty towns built by homeless people sprang up on the outskirts of town and was promptly named Hooverville as were many other … Read More

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The people of Ola, Idaho rallied together during the Great Depression and built themselves a better life.

The picturesque town of Ola, Idaho was an isolated community due to impassable roads much of the winter and this created significant problems for them during the Great Depression. Ola is an unincorporated community in Gem County, Idaho, United States. It is … Read More

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The large family of William Rall in Sheridan County, Kansas were prepared for the winter in 1939 – great pics

Sheridan County, named for General Philip Sheridan, was organized by William Stevens; W. M. Rogers; W. C. Hausafus; and K. A. Ellithorpe, on June 2, 1880. Sheridan County contains the towns of Hoxie and Selden. Local legends in Sheridan County … Read More

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