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My father’s Vietnam Experience – a personal story and film – we should never forget their sacrifice

Share this story with others so we never forget their sacrifice! My father James Paul Goodyear along with his four brothers Jerry, Fred, Bobby and Walter served in the Military during the Vietnam War. My father did not share a … Read More

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He was one of the richest men in Europe when he was herded into a dirty cellar and shot. Do you know who he was?

In 1917, after the death of 3.3 million of his people, this leader’s armies revolted and refused to fight. A few minutes before midnight on March 14, 1917, a committee of generals met with him in the drawing room of … Read More

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Lemons to Lemonade & Plastiki

LEMONS TO LEMONADE by Inez McCollum There is a well-known cliché, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We frequently read news articles that give this message. One, in particular, was a paragraph I read about rubble from the World … Read More

About Inez McCollum

Inez McCollum - grew up in Etowah County.  Married Mack McCollum, a BI-vocational minister.  Moved to Birmingham to work while he worked and went to Howard College/Samford University.  Inez and Mack had three sons, Jay, Joe and John.  They bought their first home in what is now Hoover.  Inez continues to be active in Shades Mountain Baptist Church and some of the civic organizations in Hoover.  Inez also enjoys reading, travel and spending time with friends.

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My Purse was Snatched when I went to University of Alabama and LSU game

My New Orleans Experience: My Purse was Snatched! By Jean Butterworth My son, Danny was the mascot, Big Al at the University of Alabama from 1985-87. On November 9, 1985, Bama was to play LSU, Louisiana State University in Baton … Read More

About Jean Butterworth

Jean Champion Butterworth is originally from Tuscaloosa County, graduating from Tuscaloosa County High School, Druid City Hospital School of Nursing and The University of Alabama. She is a retired nurse. Working 27 years at The Children’s Hospital as Department Director, Specialty Clinics. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe. She can be contacted at jeanbutterworth1@gmail.com

She also has a Kindle book entitled, Chinaberries and Other Memories of Alabama

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