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Pictures & film of coal-mining town Kempton’s playground for children – with great video of Life in a coal-mining town

Children living in the coal mining town of Kempton, Maryland-West Virginia had difficulty finding a place to play as these photographs taken May 1939 by photographer John Vachon reveal. Children playing in street of company town. Kempton, West Virginia  Children … Read More

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The Eastern Shore of Virginia & Maryland holds many secrets about American history

Inspired by true events, Col. John Washington (ancestor of President George Washington), Randall Revell, Tom Cottingham, and Edmund Beauchamp ward off Indian attacks and conquer the wilds of Maryland’s Eastern shore in 17th century colonial America in this historical novel, … Read More

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[Pictures vintage store] – Coffren Store in Maryland, the only intact example of 19th century general merchandise store

The Coffren Store in Maryland is a rare example of a well-preserved, mid 19th-century general merchandise store. Small local stores of this type one-room utilitarian structures including a Post Office once commonly dotted the rural landscape of the county. Most … Read More

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