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This 1910 census advance report reveals humor of the time

This humorous tongue-in-cheek report about the up-coming census report that year was printed in The New York Press in 1910. ADVANCE CENSUS REPORTS Number of families owning phonographs 2,264,721 Number of men holding worthless checks and invalid promissory notes. 72,986,279 Number of cities where taxes are reasonable 6 Number of ministers – 232,689 Number of […]


Hampton Place -[old photographs] where General Winfield Scott retired when there were no more worlds to conquer

*Note: The language below may be a little antiquated because they are excerpts and exact transcriptions from the book  –Transcription from Historic Houses of New Jersey By Weymer Jay Mills .J. B. Lippincott Company – written in  1902 Best loved house The house best loved by the old residents of Elizabethtown, New Jersey is the Scott House, […]


These people found a unique way to advertise

Some people believed in engraving their trades on their tombstones.   Epitaph to blind woodsawyer in Georgia: “While none ever saw him see thousands have seen him saw.”   Elkhart, Indiana, epitaph on tombstone of teacher: “School is out Teacher has gone home.”   Epitaph to fireman in Wilmington, North Carolina “William P. Monroe Died […]