This 1910 census advance report reveals humor of the time

This humorous tongue-in-cheek report about the up-coming census report that year was printed in The New York Press in 1910.census


  • Number of families owning phonographs 2,264,721
  • Number of men holding worthless checks and invalid promissory notes. 72,986,279
  • Number of cities where taxes are reasonable 6
  • Number of ministers – 232,689
  • Number of ministers who would leave their present charge if they had a “call” with an increase in wages – 232,590
  • Number of women who like the hobble skirt – 0
  • Number of individuals who take a vacation annually – 54,428,674
  • Number of individuals who annually return broke – 54,428,671
  • Number of men who threw away their winter overcoats last spring – 3,456, 287
  • Number of men who will search the attic for those coats this fall – 3,456,281

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