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May I have your autograph? Do you remember this?

May I have your autograph? by Jean Butterworth Did you have an autograph book when you were a young? My teenage grandchildren would say, “What is that?” All their experience with autographs is the how to get the signature of some famous ball player scribbled on a picture, program, baseball, or football. Famous person’s autographs […]


Persimmon – pucker up

PERSIMMONS BY INEZ MCCOLLUM My Grandmother had a wild persimmon tree.  I learned at an early age to wait until the fruit was soft before attempting to eat it.  If I ate them too soon, my mouth would pucker.  I delighted in collecting the calyx and stringing them to make a necklace.  My husband was pastoring […]

Did You Know?

DYK: Christmas rules for work – check them out

To All Employees From Management Subject Office conduct during the Christmas season Effective immediately, employees should keep in mind the following guidelines in compliance with FROLIC (the Federal Revelry Office and Leisure Industry Council). Running aluminum foil through the paper shredder to make tinsel is discouraged. Playing Jingle Bells on the push-button phone is forbidden […]