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Historic interview & pictures with actual Immigrants who traveled to Oregon, New Mexico and California with vintage photographs

Great Depression and Dust Bowl Between the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, families had no other course but to leave the prairie lands and travel to the western states to become migrant workers. Oklahoma roadside encounter day laborers. “After … Read More

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A cool vintage film of a day at the beach in San Francisco in 1903 and everyone is in suits and hats!

Life was certainly different in 1903 when this film was taken. People dressed much differently for a day at the beach compared to today. This film above, by American Mutoscope & Biograph Co. taken in 1903, is an afternoon panorama … Read More

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Experience a ride on a 1902 train with this rare film through San Francisco Bay area before the bridge was built

This steam engine train ride in San Francisco in 1901 must have been thrilling! The film is photographed from the front of a moving steam engine and it shows the scenic portion of the Ferries and Cliff House Railroad route … Read More

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