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Have you ever visited the oldest house in New Jersey, the Trent House? It has a history tied to America’s founding days

The home of the man who Trenton, New Jersey is named after is still standing and many people have never visited it. The home was built in 1719 as a summer home for William Trent. He died on Christmas Day, 1724, and a … Read More

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Do you remember spring cleaning and airing out mattresses and pillows and washing slipcovers?

Memories of Springtime Chores by Jean Butterworth Springtime is here! Memories of my Mother doing her spring cleaning involved pulling all the mattresses off the beds and placing them on wooden saw horses in the back yard to get a … Read More

About Jean Butterworth

Jean Champion Butterworth is originally from Tuscaloosa County, graduating from Tuscaloosa County High School, Druid City Hospital School of Nursing and The University of Alabama. She is a retired nurse. Working 27 years at The Children’s Hospital as Department Director, Specialty Clinics. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe. She can be contacted at jeanbutterworth1@gmail.com

She also has a Kindle book entitled, Chinaberries and Other Memories of Alabama

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One vote from a postmaster in Oregon changed the course of this presidential election and history

 One vote changed the course of this presidential election and American history. The Disputed Election of 1876 The presidential election held on November 7, 1876, between Democrat Samuel J. Tilden and Union war hero, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes probably ranks … Read More

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Hobos had a secret code during the Great Depression Days

Depression Days by Christie Seiler Boeke My mother and aunts often talked about their darkest years in the 1930’s and the many hardships they endured. They told of soup lines and men on street corners with stacks of carefully polished … Read More

About Christie Seiler Boeke

Christie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from North Georgia College and Emory University, Christie pursued her career further as a Microbiologist/Toxicologist in a contact lenses and solutions company in Atlanta as manager of Toxicology. After a long and full career, she is now retired in the Villages, Florida where she belongs to several writing groups, including the Florida Writers Association. She also enjoys genealogy, watercolor painting and her grandchildren.
Growing up in Atlanta, Christie was always interested in the history of that city. Her mother was an avid storyteller, and Christie’s historical fiction novels are based on many of the stories of her families’ rich heritage.

See all her books at Amazon.com

Follow Christie on her Amazon author’s page at: Christie Seiler Boeke

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