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No heavy equipment – Mules, tractors and shovels built this ‘green’ town and provided jobs

Mules, tractors and shovels built this town When construction started on the town, there was no heavy equipment to move the earth, only tractors and men with shovels and the project provided work for them. The village of Greenhills, a greenbelt community in northern Hamilton County was built by the federal government as part of President Franklin […]


These innovative housing designs from 1935 would rival many ‘Green Housing’ designs today!

Greenbelt towns would rival ‘Green Projects’ today In the midst of The Great Depression, a New Deal program called the Greenbelt Town program, built a series of highly rational garden cities that would rival “Green projects” today. Only three small projects were built. Greenhills, Ohio is one of only three “Greenbelt Towns” built in the […]


[vintage pictures] Some towns in the United States were declared unconstitutional in the late 1940s &50s

Towns were declared unconstitutional Some towns that had their start during the Depression Era were declared socialistic and unconstitutional in the 1940s and 1950s era when the anti-socialists were influencing American politics.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a program to build new suburban communities as part of his New Deal plans for the country. The overseeing […]