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[Vintage pics] Can you imagine walking to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas with your family and all your belongings in the month of June? These people did

Can you imagine walking down a hot Texas road to Memphis, Texas from Arkansas in June 1937 with all your belongings and your family, including young children, like these people did in the photographs at the bottom?  I don’t even … Read More

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Isn’t it funny, what the things are that we remember the most?

I remember  by Joyce Ray Wheeler “I remember, I remember the house where I was born.”  This is the first line of a poem Mrs. Iva Butram had her fourth graders memorize at Rocky Hill School in 1935. Yes, I … Read More

About Joyce Ray Wheeler

Joyce Ray Wheeler was born in Kentucky, but after marriage and two sons she and her husband, Dr. Ruric Wheeler she moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1953. She was a former school teacher for a short while.  She was active in the Faculty Wives Club at Samford University and a member of Shades Mountain Baptist Church where she taught Sunday School classes for women for many years. She enjoyed travel, her grandchildren and writing her memories. Joyce passed away November 2, 2012. Her obituary and memorial can be seen at: http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Joyce-Wheeler&lc=4394&pid=160800084&mid=5294496

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Historic interview & pictures with actual Immigrants who traveled to Oregon, New Mexico and California with vintage photographs

Great Depression and Dust Bowl Between the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, families had no other course but to leave the prairie lands and  immigrant to the western states to become migrant workers. Below are vivid photographs documenting the … Read More

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