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Have you ever made ice cream this way?

(Another great memory from NE Texas by contributing author, Jesse Suttles) Ice Cream without a Freezer by Jesse Suttles When I was a small boy, ten years old. 1948, we lived in North East Texas. We lived about 10 miles from town. Sometimes we would go to town in a wagon. When Dad’s old car […]


Migrant children in Michigan in 1942 – remarkable photographs tell the story of their life

We often think of California having migrant workers, however, they traveled throughout the United States.  In July of 1940, photo/journalist John Vachon took these remarkable photographs of migrant children in Berrien County, Michigan. Migrant child, Berrien County, Michigan July 1940 Migrant children, Berrien County, Michigan July 1940  Migrant child from Arkansas, Berrien County, Michigan 1940 […]