Have you ever made ice cream this way?

(Another great memory from NE Texas by contributing author, Jesse Suttles)

Ice Cream without a Freezer


Jesse Suttles

When I was a small boy, ten years old. 1948, we lived in North East Texas. We lived about 10 miles from town. Sometimes we would go to town in a wagon. When Dad’s old car wouldn’t run. It took us all day to go there and back. Sometimes Dad would buy a large block of ice. He would wrap it in an old quilt and tarp. To keep it from melting too fast, Dad had an “icebox” to keep it in.ice block

Sometimes when we had the ice. Dad would make ice cream. The way he made it was, he had a five-gallon bucket that he would chip ice into it. Mother would make the ice cream mixture and pour it into a one-gallon “syrup bucket”.

It had a tight-fitting lid to keep the cream from spilling and to keep the saltwater out. Dad would put the bucket of ice cream mixture down into the five-gallon bucket of ice and pour salt over it. Then he had to twist the gallon bucket back and forth. It seemed like forever.

When the ice cream got hard, Mother would dip every one a bowl full. It sure was good. We didn’t get it very often. Just thought you might like to know how ice cream was made without a cream freezer.

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