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[Fantastic 1938 photographs] of farmers making sorghum and haying at Lake Dick, Arkansas in 1938

These remarkable photographs taken by Russell Lee show farming equipment, techniques of haying and sorghum making in October 1938. How times have changed!   Member of Lake Dick Cooperative Association, Lake Dick Project, Arkansas Cleaning vats used in production of syrup from sorghum, Lake Dick Project, Arkansas Stripping sorghum prior to crushing. Sorghum mill at […]


Do you remember these washing machines? great pictures and rare film!

Rare! 1938 film of Lake Dick, Arkansas with photographs As a result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s interest in assisting the rural poor during the 1930’s Depression, the Resettlement Administration was established. Lake Dick was one of these Resettlement projects near Althimer, Arkansas. It was part of the governments efforts to help sharecroppers establish their […]


Go back in time with these pictures of people and old houses from Rockingham County, North Carolina in the 1930s

Nestled in the ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, is the county of Rockingham. The county is also known as “North Carolina’s North Star.” Created on December 29, 1785 from Guilford County, it was named after Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, the British Prime Minister from 1765 and again in 1782. […]