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DYK: The real meaning of spic and span?

The saying ‘spick and span’ once meant new, but means extra clean today. A span was a wood shaving. If something was newly built it would have tell-tale wood chips so it was ‘span new’, Spick is an old word for a nail. New spicks or nails would be shiny. However words and phrases often […]

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DYK: Have you turned the corner?

DYK: Did you know? Did You Know that Turned the Corner is a nautical term? When Ships  sailed past the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn were said to have ‘turned the corner’.   Three complete historical novels in one book Tapestry of Love Historical Series 2nd edition 2015 – Court records dating back to the 1630s […]

Did You Know?

DYK: Above board? What is the board?

DYK: Did you know? In the phrase ‘Above board’ What exactly is the board? The board is a table and comes from gambling activities. See larger image Additional Images: Faith and Courage: A Novel of Colonial America (Tapestry of Love) (Paperback) By (author):  Causey, Donna R List Price: $13.33 New From: $13.33 In Stock