Watch this beautiful film of America from 1924 with music – to put you in a patriotic mood

I ran across this film recently and it is one that truly “should not be forgotten.” It is titled America the Beautiful. Be sure to share with others.

Contributor Names to vocal

Shannon Quartet (vocalist)

Ward, Samuel — 1847-1903 (composer)

Bates, Katherine Lee — 1859-1929 (lyricist)

In it you will see these truly historic and beautiful sites as they were in 1924:

  1. Rolls of hay dot the landscape of rural Virginia
  2. Distant view of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in which the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods state park jut up from the landscape
  3. Niagara Falls, New York
  4. Seagulls at the Atlantic Ocean in Florida
  5. Oregon dunes along the Pacific Ocean
  6. Doughton Park. View of the Martin Brinegar cabin which was restored for interpretative purposed in 1941 with the preparation of measured drawings for the Historic American Buildings Survey.
  7. Desert view, Sedona, Arizona
  8. The rocky California Pacific coast
  9. Storm in the mountains, Hawaii
  10. Dusk shot of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. Aerial view of skyline, Chicago, Illinois
  12. Skyline, Seattle, Washington
  13. Sunset on the rocky Oregon coast
  14. Pacific Ocean and rocky California coast


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