Have you ever been Contotallyfused with the problems of today?



Joyce Ray Wheeler

One of the dearest friends I ever had was also one of the most caring persons I’ve ever known. She believed firmly that no one who came to her for help should leave without feeling better. It was troubling to my friend when she felt she’d failed to meet a person’s need.

On one such occasion she came to me sadly and said, “Joyce, I am so contotallyfused that I could not help that young woman!” of course, you will recognize immediately that what she intended to say was that she was so “totally confused!84kb cropped version

Although my friend’s remarks occurred many years ago, I still find that “contotallyfused” is a usable word today to express my personal feelings about many troubling matters.

Since God is our Creator and gave His Son to be our Savior, how have we allowed our world to become so evil?

How can people mistreat innocent children? How do we allow selfishness to overpower our desire to help others?

If I have accepted God’s forgiveness and if  His Son has become my Savior why do I fail to forgive others?

Yes, I still feel that “contotallyfused” continues to be a useful word in my life.

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