Can you add to this list of great events have happened during your lifetime?

Written at the request of a grandson who ask me, “What has happened of great significance in your lifetime?”

The Great Depression

This was the period of time after World War I when the economy of the United States became even worse than today. Banks failed, unemployment was at the lowest in history, and food supply was low. The government set up programs to assist the people by provided work in the environment. One such program was called the WPA.great depression

Under another government program called the CCC program, men were assigned to camps all over the US. Men were put to work on roads, bridges, and parks and in soil conservation. In Germany the Nazi’s Third Reich rose with the beginning of the WWII.ccc

World War II

Germany invaded the Europe and Eastern European countries and then Russia. The U.S. assisted the allies with weapons, and boats and technology. The Americans thought that we should stay out of the war. On December 7, 1942 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor destroying many ship and lost of life was great. Then President Roosevelt declared War against Japan and Germany. We would be fighting the war on both sides of the US.Attack-pearl-harbor

America changed dramatically. Men went off to war; Women began to work in the defense plants. Food, tires, gasoline, shoes were rationed. The war was over in 1945. Many soldiers lost their life and are buried in foreign cemeteries.

President Kennedy was Killed

I was watching on a small TV in my den in 1962 when the announcement stated that President Kennedy had been shot. Later we learned that he died from the gunshot. There is still controversy surrounding his death.kennedy2

End of Segregation

Before the 1960’s segregation was practice all over the U.S. There were separate facilities for the White person and the Negro. School children were in separate but not equal schools. Drinking fountains were marked, “White only.”white only

Restaurants were also segregated. Voting rights were not in keeping with the laws. In the 1960’s the Negro population had had enough of this. Peaceful marches became prevalent in major cities. Violence did occur at times. The leader of the marches was Dr. Martin Luther King, an Atlanta preacher, who later was assassinated. This was a very troubled time. Laws were changed, Negros became known as African Americans and were admitted to once all white schools, Voting rights improved and the word, “segregation” now slowly disappearing.

On the Brighter Side

Being born in 1935, I see that many good things did happen in the 1930’s. Books were still read on paper. The Hoover Dam was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Ok.hoover dam

Radar, nylon and radio were invented. “Lassie Come Home” was a favorite movie and the Kodak Camera came to be. Monopoly was invented by Parker brothers. Music was changed forever by the birth of a Tupelo boy named Elvis Presley!Elvis Presley Performing On Stage

Times have changed!


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