I want to go back to Michigan – [vintage pics from Michigan farmland and song

I Want to Go Back to Michigan is a song by Irving Berlin composed in 1914. It was a moderate commercial success when it was first released and afterward became a staple on vaudeville. Billy Murray, a popular singer during the period when the song was first composed, recorded it for Edison Records in 1914.  Its most famous performance was by Judy Garland in the film Easter Parade.

Farm worker in beer parlor on Sunday afternoon with pipe Bruce Crossing, Michigan Aug. 1941 photographer John Vachon

Michigan farm worker with pipe

Jackson, Michigan. Fixing a belt on farm machinery – photographer Arthur Siegel September 1940

Michigan farmer fixing a belt 1940

Woman on tractor – Like many other farm wives whose husbands were engaged in war work, Mrs. William Wood manages a 120 acre farm in Coloma, Michigan, with little male assistance. With a crop of corn, tomatoes and rasberries to harvest, she still found time to care of her own Victory garden and to attend a first-aid class. And for the scrap drive Mrs. Wood salvaged 1,600 pounds of outworn metal and rubber articles from the farm, and contributed them to her local collection agency – photographer Ann Rosener – 1942-1943michigan woman on tractor2
An old lady hoeing her garden on her small farm near Gibbs City, Michigan – Photographer was Lee Russell, May 1937

Michigan old lady hoeing

A young child feeding calf on farm near Gibbs City, Michigan by Photographer Lee Russell May 1937Michigan, child feeding calf
Husband and wife weed strawberries in this three-acre field near Mansfield, Michigan – photographer Lee Russell 1937

Michigan Husband and wife pick strawberries

Abandoned farm house on the Allegan Project. Allegan, Michigan -Photographer Lee Russell 1937

Michigan, abandoned farmhouse

Inkster (vicinity?), Michigan. Farmer using a cultivator on a farm. Typical farm truck 1942Michigan, farmer and truck 1942
Lon Allen and daughter sawing log on farm near Iron River. It is a common practice for both sexes to work together in operations on the farm – Lee Russell 1937

Michigan - husband and wife saw

Detroit (vicinity), Michigan. Horses on a breeding farm Photograher Arthur Siegel July 1943

Michigan breeding farm 1943

Photograph of a hay stack at a Michigan farm photograph taken by Arthur Siegel September 1942.michigan farm
Shocks of corn on a farm at Ann Arbor, Michigan photograph taken by Arthur Siegel September 1942.Michigan farm 1942 shocks of corn
Some Guernsey cows on a farm in Detroit (vicinity), Michigan, photographer Arthur Siegel September 1942.Michigan, guernsey cows siegel
This is a barn on Sando Evanoff’s farm in Iron County, Michigan – Lee Russell photographer May 1937.

Michigan, barn on sando's farm 1942

Here is a wheat field in Birmingham, Michigan. Photograph was taken July 1942 Arthur Siegel.
Michigan, Birmingham -wheat field
This is a soldier who was granted a furlough from the war in Jackson, Michigan so he could help with the harvesting on this farm with another farmer watching the threshing – photographer Arthur Siegel 1942Michigan- soldier farmer granted furlough
Plowing a field of a cut-over farm near Mansfield, Michigan – Lee Russell photographer May 1937Michigan farmer plowing field - lee russell
This privy on Lon Allen’s farm near Iron River, Michigan has seen better days. – 1937 photographer Lee Russell.michigan privey lou allen farm
Farm boys in front of beer parlor in Finnish community of Bruce Crossing,Michigan relax on a Sunday afternoon in Aug. 1941 by photographer John Vachon.

Michigan farm boys

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