Taste from the past – Apple Chutney – 1946 version

This recipe comes from a canning recipe book from 1946 so it makes a large amount.


36 medium-sized sour apples

18 medium-sized green tomatoes

6 sweet red peppers

6 small onions (white)

6 cupfuls sugar

3 pints cider vinegar

3 tablespoonfuls salt

3 teaspoonfuls cinnamon

3 scant teaspoonfuls allspice

1 teaspoonful ginger

3 large cupfuls seeded raisins

Peel and core apples, seed peppers, peel onions. Put through coarse knife of food chopper. Heat vinegar and sugar. Add spices and raisins and bring to a boil. Stir in apples, onions, and peppers and cook at rolling boil until thick, about 30 minutes. Makes 12 pints.

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