These old time health remedies since rather silly today…I wonder how they originated

(Treating common health ailments has come a long way since these days.  I wonder what future generations will think of things we do today to relieve illness)

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Old-Time Health Remedies

For eyestrain, soak a towel in eyebright tea. Place the warm towel over your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes and your eyes will feel rested and refreshed.

To cure a baby of hiccups, put a straw in her hair.

Treat rashes caused by poison ivy with juice from the milkweed plant.

Common Milkweedmilkweed

If your child has chicken pox, make a black hen fly over his head. This will stop the itching.

If you feel a cold coming on, tie a handkerchief over your head before going to bed. Avoid liquids for 24 hours.

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For kidney stones, peel a few potatoes, cover them with water and let them boil. Save the water in a jar and drink it throughout the day. Make and drink a new batch the next day and every day until the stones have dissolved.

To relieve a toothache, mix equal parts of shaved horseradish and bruised garlic. Wrap in muslin and apply to the bends of your arms.

To get rid of warts, put the same number of rocks in a brown paper bag as you have warts. Lay the bag in the middle of a dirt road. If someone picks up the bag they will get the warts, and yours will be gone.brown paper bag

A copper nail hammered into your shoe will grind out your arthritis.

A teaspoon of honey just before bedtime will stop a child’s bed-wetting.

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