Oh, those television jingles – Will we ever forget them? (vintage films)

In 1939 when televisions were being produced commercially, no one could anticipate how much television would change our lives. Now rather than one large stationary television in each house, we can view television programs, movies, and other  media not even envisioned in those early days.retro tv

Along with televisions, commercials appeared which allowed us to watch all our shows for free. Today we seldom see the ads for products such as toothpaste, cereal and soap as we once saw on TV.  TV ads are usually prescription drugs, cars and other adult products.  Not those that might interest children, other than toys of course.ivory snow ad

I kind of miss some of those cute jingles and songs from commercials. They still pop in my head from time to time.  The Pepsodent commercial was especially long-lasting. I guess it will replay in my head the rest of my life. Those advertisers really knew what they were doing when they added music to advertisements. I ran across some old TV ads recently, and thought you might enjoy seeing them again.

I found the pepsodent commercial

Here’s the Trix commercial – Do you remember it?

And of course, there’s always Dinah Shore and chevrolet

This commercial is very surprising and it seems dangerous for the model. I wonder how she is doing? today and if that test booklet is still available?

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FreeHearts: 2nd edition A Novel of Colonial America -Tapestry of Love Series Book 3


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