Circleville, Ohio [vintage pics] – “the other side of the tracks” – Hooverville 1938

The town of Circleville, Ohio had difficulty housing many of the farmers of foreclosed homes in town. Consequently,  shanty towns built by homeless people sprang up on the outskirts of town and were promptly named Hooverville as were many other shantytowns were named throughout the country. The towns were named after President Herbert Hoover who many blamed for the depression. Some photographs of people living in Hooverville near Circleville are below.

Circleville reminisences: a description of Circleville, Ohio (1825-1840) ; also an account of the 115-year old sister of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

hooverville - househooverville - one boyhooverville boy close up
hooverville boy with baby in door   Hooverville children and car   hooverville family in doorway hooverville girl   hooverville house   hooverville man   Hooverville man in doorway   hooverville two children   hooverville two men

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