Do you remember the days when milk was delivered to your door? You’ll enjoy this

Go back in time to the days of 1935 in this wonderful, clear Chevrolet commercial.

From a horse-drawn Borden’s milk wagon with milkman delivering milk bottles on the front porch, to a 1920s ambulance on a suburban road, you will see what life was like in 1935 as Chevrolet shows off the features of their cars.

Watch for these moments:

  1. Middle aged man bouncing young child on his knee
  2. Brinks armored car/truck
  3. Man and woman riding on motorcycle
  4. Racing cars on speedway oval
  5. Race car crashing into rail
  6. Tanks demolishing a barn
  7. 1920s ambulance (Herman Kiefer Hospital)
  8. 1930s passenger bus (The Carcajou Special Coach)
  9. Passengers playing cards on bus
  10. Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird streamlined racing car
  11. Shot of the Bluebird speeding on Daytona Beach, Florida
  12. British “pygmy” car (miniature automobile), being filled with gasoline
  13. Dump truck (US. TVA) on gravel road
  14. General motors car on paved and dirt roads.


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