This film is hilarious. When was the last time you heard a husband call his wife “the little woman”, or “clinging vine”?

My how times have changed!

This commercial for the 1940 Chevrolet and the new Chevrolet gear shift is so funny. It was made at a time when women used to be looked down upon as the “weaker sex” and though it was obviously meant to show that women are more capable than we think, it falls well short when measured against today’s standards.

A 1950s Housewife: Marriage and Homemaking in the 1950s

Phrases like, here’s to the ladies, the fair and the weak; the little woman; weaker sex; frail creature; women’s work is not for sissies; clinging vine; would never be used in nor accepted in a commercial by young women today.

I especially enjoyed the ergometer and the powder puff invention at the end.

Here is the long full version of the film is below:

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