Taste from the past – Potato Straws 1883 recipe

Our mothers and grandmothers did not have all the kitchen tools we have today. This is how they made Potato Straws.

How to Make Potato Straws

(Transcribed from Brewton Banner (Brewton, Alabama June 2, 1883)


Wash a pint of potatoes, peel them very thin, slice them about a quarter of an inch thick, put them into plenty of salted boiling water, and boil them until they are tender, which will be in about ten minutes: when the potatoes are tender pour them into a colander with large holes and let the water drain off; when the potatoes are quite dry, sprinkle over them a tea-spoonful of salt and quarter of salt-spoonful of white pepper; hold the colander over one end of a large platter, and press upon the potatoes with a potato masher, moving the colander toward the other end of the dish as the potatoes are pressed through it so that they will fall upon the dish in long rows; continue to move the colander from one end of the platter to the other until all the potatoes are pressed through and laid in even rows upon the dish; then wipe the edges of the dish with a clean towel, set it in the oven for two or three minutes to heat the potatoes, and then serve them.

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